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Process Engineering

Process Engineering

Possibilities and limitations of fixation of mix components to agglomerates

All depends upon the mixer

Agglomeration processes can considerably improve the product properties provided that the firmness of the product is sustainable. That is why in the field of build-up agglomeration, the selected machinery will have to ensure highest mixing quality taking into consideration the individual...

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Flexible, scalabale and user-friendly

Modular photochemistry reactor

Syrris’ Asia photochemistry reactor enables a host of novel photochemistry applications in flow across a variety of sectors. The reactor has been designed to...

For chemical testing designed

Small and compact R&D mixer

To discover new ways to create renewable energy sources, a company in the chemical sector approached Dinnissen to come up with a solution to test their ideas...

With real-time temperature control and vacuum robotic capacities

Laboratory mixers with IoT compliance

The Hauschild Speedmixer Smart DAC Series combines craftsmanship with smart features like real-time temperature control, vacuum-robotic, sensor integration...

Exhaust air cleaning with regenerative thermal oxidation

Removing VOC emissions of the chemical industry

When it comes to pollution caused by the production in chemical plants, the most efficient solution in the environmental technology market is called...

LG Chem increases glacial acrylic acid production

Crystallisation ensures high product purity

As an essential building block for a wide range of industrial and consumer products, high-purity acrylic acid is in demand and its market is ever-expanding. To...

The success secret: leveraging centrifugal forces

Efficient mixing process up to 16 l

The Hauschild Speedmixer product range uses DAC technology (Dual Asymmetric Centrifuge). The special feature of this mixing principle is the dual rotation of...

Even for difficult drying tasks

Thin film dryer with short residence time

In the thin film dryer from Buss-SMS-Canzler, liquid, pasty or solid material is continuously applied by a rotor to the cylindrical heating jacket in a thin...

3-D filter structure for increased holding capacity

Depth filter cartridge for slurry filtration

With its specially aligned three-dimensional fiber matrix, the AS depth filter cartridge with 3-D filter structure from Wolftechnik has up to five times more...

Enables flexible tool change

Space-saving articulated robot

Products for the chemical industry are filled in special bags, barrels, canisters, cartons or buckets. To palletise them, Beumer offers the space-saving...

With heatable and coolable mixing vessels

Versatile laboratory mixers

Laboratory mixers with heatable and coolable mixing vessels from MTI Mischtechnik are suitable for the entire scope of bulk material processing tasks including...

Quantitative and qualitative gas analysis

Improved generation of gas analysers

Pfeiffer Vacuum improved the Omnistar and Thermostar GSD 350 compact, portable benchtop gas analysers for atmospheric pressure. The gas inlet is fitted with a...

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