Instrumentation & Automation

I/O systems in Profinet S2 system
Profinet integration in process automation

IP 67 I/O module with Profinet S2 system redundancy

Profinet is increasingly becoming more attractive to the process automation industry. However, there are special requirements that controllers and field devices have to meet. Turck‘s forward-looking contribution to Profinet integration is a comprehensive functional extension of fieldbus...

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Real-time detection of threats

Network monitoring with anomaly detection

Whether spillover effects from ransomware or targeted attacks: the less pleasing effects of digitisation on industrial processes can also be felt in the...

Fuse terminal blocks can be expanded with fuse carriers

Surge protection system for signal circuits

More and more companies demand space-saving components for the cable-connection cabinets of their widely branched measurement and control systems, which can...

Seamlessly integrates device and process data

Profinet Gateway for remote I/O

With the LB Profinet gateway, Pepperl+Fuchs is connecting LB remote I/O systems to the Profinet world. End-to-end communication also ensures optimal use of...

Smart industrial connectivity

Intelligent infrastructure plug-in connector

The development of plug-in connectors is influenced by three trends: digitalisation, decentralisation and miniaturisation. In decentralisation, increasing...

In-line measurement technology instead of instrumentation with tees

No dead spaces and no blockages

Unconditional product quality can only be achieved in the pharmaceutical industry if risks are systematically minimised in every process phase. An American...

Vegaflex 86 – robust guided radar sensors ensure measurement accuracy in LNG production

Clear signals for LNG

Liquefied gases such as LNG or LPG can be transported much more flexibly and often have a higher commercial value. A good example of this can be found in the...

Security by design is mandatory

Implementation of the NOA concept

Every operator wants to be able to use data from existing systems for new technologies and thus benefit from the added value of cloud-based evaluations. The...

Seamless communication from field to enterprise level

When everyone speaks Ethernet

Better communication is the key to better understanding. This is true with humans as well as with technical processes. For people to engage in deep...

Monitoring critical process parameters in upstream processes

In-line sensors for bioprocesses

Critical process parameters can be monitored in real time with the help of in-line sensors and by implementing PAT in bioprocesses. The data obtained in this...


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