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Leybold launches two vacuum calculation and simulation tools

Digital customer service
Leybold launches two vacuum calculation and simulation tools


Vacuum technology specialist, Leybold, has developed two online tools to assist customer’s pump choice and layout of complete vacuum systems: The Pump Finder and the vacuum calculation tool Leycalc. With these web-based tools, users can select and build their vacuum solutions online. Users with know-how can use the vacuum calculation tool to calculate the behavior and performance of vacuum systems in detail. The Pump Finder guides even beginners to suitable products by a questionnaire.

Step by step to the right offer

The Pump Finder is designed to navigate vacuum users step-by-step to find the ideal pump for their application. Throughout the selection tool, pumps can be refined by entering values for chamber size, target pressure and pipe dimensions. There are two calculation options for modelling different vacuum applications: process flow and vacuum chamber pump down. A process gas flow is a continuous gas flow where the constant pressure is conveyed. A vacuum chamber pump down is an application where the chamber is pumped/evacuated to a specific target pressure. The result is a selection of vacuum pumps that meet the customer’s requirements.

Targeted product selection

Leycalc can be used for detailed engineering of vacuum systems using the same powerful algorithms as the company’s application experts. The vacuum calculation tool allows customers to calculate their systems independently and for complex scenarios, the experts offer their support.
„Previously, we had to adjust parameters, such as chamber size, process gases, cycle times, pipe length and pressure values during the initial contact with the customer. With the help of the simulation software, the user can independently calculate configurations and get an initial idea of the vacuum performance,“ explains Dr. Tom Kammermeier, Global Application Manager, Industrial Vacuum. „In the past, there were often lengthy dialogues about such details,“ says Kammermeier. Now users can perform their calculations independently – with the result that the entire process leads to a more targeted and faster selection of the right solutions for the application. „We expect Leycalc to improve the contact quality with our customers,“ he summarizes.

Efficient communication and fast solutions

Once the user of the online tool has defined the pump’s chamber and the target pressure, the calculation tool performs the calculation of a pump down curve: The result is immediately displayed in a diagram. This shows exactly how long it takes to pump the air out of the chamber to a defined pressure and how the pressure develops over time. Alternatively, the user can calculate the pumping speed curve of a pump system. This shows which pumping speed is provided at a certain pressure. All calculation data is stored centrally and can be called up at any time, and from any device by registered customers. Calculation results can also be shared with specialists at Leybold. This allows a detailed discussion about the respective vacuum application. Overall, the platform leads to considerably more efficient customer communication and faster solutions in complex projects.

Conductivity losses immediately apparent

„In addition to the chambers and pumps of a vacuum system, the different influences of pipelines are also taken into account. These include the conductance effects in all pressure ranges and flow regimes, blocking and, of course, the volume of the lines,“ explains Hannes Kamecke, the IT manager, responsible for the online configurator. In some cases, it then becomes apparent that a pump with higher individual performance would not improve the overall vacuum performance because the reductions are caused by an incorrectly dimensioned pipeline. „However, the diagram immediately shows that the pipe diameter needs to be increased,“ explains Hannes Kamecke.

Further development planned

Navigation through the web-based software solution is conveniently possible on all kind of devices like tablets, smartphones. Sections in need of explanation are linked to more detailed background information on vacuum technique. In future, Leycalc will comprise the whole Leybold product portfolio, covering also high vacuum applications. „With the publication of the new calculation tools, Leybold makes its vacuum know-how collected over decades available to its customers and thus lays the foundation for modern digital customer communication. The offer thus represents an important building block in the digital customer experience strategy of the vacuum specialist,“ concludes Hannes Kamecke.

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