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Compressed air management

Service tool and app for compressors
Compressed air management in the age of Industry 4.0

The Boge connect service tool is tailored to the entire life cycle of a compressor, from partially digitalised commissioning and comprehensive monitoring to extended service functions and automatically generated optimisation proposals. All important operating parameters are recorded, monitored and visualised without paper. Boge connect replaces the airstatus option and will in future be available as standard for all 45 kW compressors and higher.

Intelligent analysis and optimisation options are of fundamental importance for the efficient and future-oriented operation of compressed air systems. The compressed air expert Boge offers extensive services for this challenge. The currently available Boge airstatus option, for example, allows up to 32 components of a compressed air system to be analysed, controlled and evaluated. The data is available almost in real time. With the development of the Boge connect service function, the family-owned company from Bielefeld goes one step further. With the associated app, the tool provides an ideal basis for networking intelligent systems and is therefore an important building block for Industry 4.0 processes. Boge connect offers clear visualisation of all data and reduces the administrative effort for dealers enormously. The service function accompanies the machine throughout its entire life cycle. In conventional commissioning, for example, the dealer collects data from the nameplate and other system parameters and, in many cases, records the details manually in documents. With Boge connect, commissioning is faster, easier and paperless. The manufacturer stores machine data in a QR code and attaches it to the machine. The Boge connect app scans the QR code and makes all relevant data available immediately in digital form. In addition, the tool supports the maintenance of compressors. In good time and before any maintenance is due, the responsible service employee receives a notification by SMS or e-mail. This leaves enough time to order machine parts, prepare maintenance quotes and schedule an appointment with the customer. Maintenance intervals, commissioning data and other information are stored in a digital machine file, which can be accessed from anywhere via password-protected log-in. In addition, the employee can use a machine-specific checklist to carry out maintenance work.

Warranty and remote access

All important operating parameters are recorded, monitored and visualised via Boge connect. The service can be used for one compressor as well as for a system consisting of several compressors. If the service agreement covers several compressors, these are marked in colour on a digital map. This way you can see immediately which compressors are operating smoothly, which ones require maintenance, and which ones have malfunctioned. All machines equipped with the service tool have a warranty of five years. The warranty includes professional service by certified service technicians as well as the use of original wear parts and operating materials. If the customer reports a problem with a machine, the service technician can immediately retrieve all machine data via the tool. This new service program therefore leads to more efficient technical support. If the customer agrees, the system can be accessed directly from a distance using the remote access function, for example to change parameters or carry out a software update.

Smart solution

Beyond the simple analysis of data, additional functions are required in the age of increasing digitalisation and networking. This includes, for example, precise predictions of the time of occurrence of a potential malfunction. The Boge connect portal enables both service technicians and dealers to obtain information on the condition of the systems at any time: The performance data is continuously analysed in order to identify leaks and potential savings. By evaluating large and heterogeneous amounts of data, such as a specific correlation of pressure, temperature, vibration and other key figures, errors and operating anomalies can be detected at an early stage. Machine maintenance can be proactive, reducing the risk of failure and minimising downtime. The machine control focus control 2.0 calculates the efficiency of the system and shows the ratio of load to idling speed. This can be used to establish whether the machine may have been incorrectly dimensioned or set up. The analysis takes place automatically, without the service technician having to actively display and evaluate the data. This increases the service life of the system and avoids damage. The intelligent data analysis ensures that the system is always operated according to the state of the art.

Wide range of use

All screw compressors with an output of over 45 kW will in future be equipped as standard with the necessary hardware. Older or smaller models can be easily retrofitted. The basic functions of Boge connect – visualisation, service notification and use of the app – can be used free of charge. Additional functions, such as predictive maintenance, live view of consumption and pay-per-use can be booked optionally. The prerequisite for using Boge connect is good mobile phone reception. Boge connects the service program directly with the focus-control 2.0 machine control of the compressors. Data transmission is carried out via the Modbus TCP or Modbus RTU protocols. The portal also allows third-party products to be integrated into the system; however, some functions may then be limited.

Classic win-win situation

Boge connect visualises and networks not only machine data. The service tool offers both dealers and manufacturers added value. Continuous monitoring along with early fault reports and proactive maintenance lead to increased planning reliability for the service technician. Regular maintenance ensures that the warranty conditions are met. In addition, dealers benefits from the automatic display of potential savings, allowing them to operate the customer‘s system highly efficiently. Thanks to the detailed analyses, the compressed air expert is provided with important information regarding the further development of its compressors.


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Team Leader Aftermarket, Boge

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