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All-round metering pumps

Doseuro metering pumps work reliably even under harsh conditions Picture: FPZ
Doseuro metering pumps work reliably even under harsh conditions. The piston metering, hydraulic diaphragm and mechanical diaphragm pumps offer a wide range of applications through individualisation. In demanding applications, the Just-switch-on system and the Rapida 2.0 series ensure optimum metering results.

Doseuro pumps and systems for dosing chemical, acidic and basic liquids have been part of the FPZ Group since 2017. The chemical dosing pumps are available in three main versions: plunger pumps with packed plungers, plunger/hydraulic diaphragms, or mechanical diaphragms. High pressure pumps are available, too. The range also includes various driving methods, such as electric motor or electromagnetic solenoid operation. The company also manufactures complete dosing packages, electric mixers, and fully automatic plants for the dissolution and mixing of polyelectrolyte, both as powder and emulsion.

All Doseuro pumps are fitted as standard with 4 pole electric motors that comply with Unel-Mec standards, and range from 0.09 to 4.0 kW and are available with motor ratings from 0.09 to 4.0 kW at standard European three-phase voltages of 230/400 V at 50 Hz. The motors are also available in many alternative specifications, including explosion-proof, Atex-compliant designs. The dosing quantity is fully adjustable by means of a manually controlled eccentric mechanism with spring return or positive return according to API standard 675. Automatic adjustment is possible by means of servo-control motors, pneumatic control or motor frequency control, via a Profibus interface if required. The reduction system, consisting of an endless screw coupled to a worm wheel, makes the gearbox robust and durable. To ensure higher dosing accuracy and chemical cost savings, Doseuro has developed the Just-switch-on (JSO) system and the Rapida 2.0dosing pump. The Just-switch-on panel is a prefabricated system that includes single or double metering pumps and inlet and outlet piping on a robust PP frame (1.5 cm). The inlet piping is equipped with an isolation ball valve, a Y-filter and a calibration pot, and shut-off ball valves, pulsation dampeners, a back pressure valve, a relief valve and a pressure gauge with isolator are located on the outlet piping. This preconfigured solution is easy to install and ready for immediate use. The Rapida 2.0 metering pump is equipped with a six-button digital control panel, providing the ability to measure actual chemical consumption and instantly change pump settings. Alternatively, it can be controlled via a 0/4…20 mA or 0/2…10 V signal, Modbus RTU or Profibus. The pump has a three-phase asynchronous electric motor and an inverter board, and is designed so that the motor speed can be varied. It can operate from 0.25 to 0.75 kW and has a base frequency of 6 to 60 Hz, which can be extended up to 100 Hz. The motor has a timing mode that allows delaying the start and defining a specific working period, a flexible management of the acceleration and deceleration ramp, a working hour counter and a correction factor of the flow curve.

Doseuro Srl – a FPZ company, Cologno Monzese, Italy

Author: Ferdinand Rucker

Country Manager DACH Region,


Author: Andreas Götz

Product Specialist,


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