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PAT modular system extended

From sensor to fully automated measuring point
PAT modular system extended

The process engineering industry is dependent on accurate measuring systems that can determine a wide range of measured values in a medium, from oxygen content and conductivity to pH or ORP. The application, the medium, and the ambient conditions can all place highly exacting demands on the measuring technology. At Achema 2022, Knick will be showcasing several new components for its in-house PAT modular system.

The Knick modular system comprises sensors, fittings, transmitters, and systems for cleaning and calibration. The transmitter range includes simple head-mounted transmitters and compact transmitters in a modular housing, portable devices, and smart premium transmitters that are also available for use in hazardous locations. In time for Achema 2022, Knick is extending its modular system to include the Stratos Multi E461N multiparameter transmitter, the transmitters in the Memotrans MT201N line, and the Progalog 4000 PC configuration tool.

Also transfer diagnostic data

In many applications, industrial Ethernet protocols are the key to digitisation, as they greatly simplify connections to higher-level systems. Now making sure the sensors are also connected, Knick is launching the Stratos Multi E461N multiparameter transmitter, which is equipped with a Profinet interface. Profinet, which is standardised in IEC 61158 and IEC 61784, can be used for easy connections to all common process control systems from leading manufacturers. This ensures continuous communication, from the field level to the control level, to the ERP systems at company level.

Now also with Profinet

The Stratos transmitters work equally easily with sensors from different manufacturers, regardless of whether they transmit measured values via Memosens, digital, or analogue signals. All key process variables such as pH, ORP, conductivity, or oxygen content can thus be measured. Thanks to smart diagnostics management, the user can keep their eye on the sensor condition at all times. A sensor wear monitor also assists with predictive maintenance, allowing, for example, the calibration intervals to be optimised. The range of diagnostic data acquired can be easily transmitted using Profinet. All this increases the system’s availability. When operating the system directly, the colour graphic display and full-text menu navigation in numerous languages ensure optimum usability.

Transmitter for Memosens sensors

Memosens sensors have acquired a strong market position in recent years, and it’s not hard to see why: thanks to a plug connector with inductive transmission that is protected from external impacts, they are ideal for use in difficult environments. Transmitters are then used to enable easy data transfer, and Knick is now expanding its range for Memosens sensors with the Memotrans MT201N, a transmitter solution that is space-saving and flexible.

The transmitters in the Memotrans MT201N product line are suitable for use with all pH, ORP, oxygen, and conductivity sensors that use Memosens technology. Users can be assured of both flexibility and safety. The Memotrans MT201N transmitters are extremely compact in design and thus take up little space, allowing them to fit directly into existing Knick fittings. Installation is therefore possible without the use of special tools. The transmitters are available in two versions – the multiparameter version with 4…20 mA Hart protocol for full device and sensor configuration, as well as calibration and diagnostics with the FDI package, and the fixed parameter version with preset 4…20 mA outputs for each parameter for quick commissioning. The transmitters feature a green/red LED for on-site diagnostics and the use of precalibrated sensors minimises maintenance and plant downtime.

In terms of data transfer, too, the compact transmitter is also in no way inferior to its larger cousins. With Memosens on board, reliable data transfer is assured with ease. The measured values are digitised directly in the sensor and relayed to the transmitter in a contactless process.

Configure transmitters offline

Configuring Knick transmitters such as those in the Stratos or Protos product lines is a simple affair thanks to the devices’ intuitive menu navigation and clear displays. Nevertheless, sometimes it’s more convenient if configuration can be carried out offline on a PC in the office. For such cases, Knick now offers the new Progalog 4000 PC configuration tool. The software supports the Stratos Multi Transmitter and the Protos II 4400.

Just one software application is required for all device configurations of the two flexibly configurable transmitters. The user selects the transmitter, the installed firmware, and the modules in the configuration tool and is presented on their PC with the same menu structure as displayed on the device. If a new firmware version is available for one of the devices, it can be selected in the current version of Progalog 4000 after an update. The transmitter can be fully configured in the configuration tool; each menu item is clearly displayed, making the user’s work as easy as possible.

Error-free parameterisation

All inputs are actively checked for plausibility, with any errors or gaps in the configuration displayed during use with a direct reference to the source of the error. When configuration is complete, it is stored on a data card via a USB interface. The card can then be simply inserted into the transmitter. This removes the need to use a PC on site. In addition, the configuration can be exported and saved in a range of file formats, e.g. .txt, .pdf. or .xlsx. For documentation purposes, these are important in many applications, e.g. when specified in audit requirements.

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